On Sale HERE on TUESDAY 9/30 at 2pm Central time!

Originally produced for A Shop Called Quest’s 30th Anniversary TMNT show in Claremont, Ca- Nakatomi is finally releasing the Tim Doyle’s copies of this print for that show!

This 18×24 5 color hand-printed silkscreen poster is signed and numbered by the artist in a tiny edition of 100 worldwide!

Nakatomi will also have 25 HAND EMBELLISHED BW variants of the print- each one hand-watercolored by the artist, to give it that classic 1984 BW (and red bandannas) TMNT look-

The Regular edition will be $40 each, and the variants will be $60.

Nakatomi has 25 copies of the regular, and 25 of the variant for sale.

Prints will be available HERE at 2pm Central time on Tuesday 9/30.

Coming soon- the next 4 prints in my SHINY OBJECTS series!

This is a hand-painted watercolor of my favorite killer from the future! (As opposed to all those other killers from the future, like that guy in TimeCop…sorry)

These 12x16 fine-quality giclee prints are produced in-house at the Nakatomi Print labs, and are signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of only 30 worldwide.

Stay tuned to our tumblr for previews of the next 3, leading up to the release later this month!


This weekend, SpokeArt will host the newest iteration of their hit QUENTIN vs COEN art show!

Nakatomi artist, Tim Doyle will have 3 new prints, plus variants available at the SpokeArt gallery in San Francisco on Saturday, and next week on their website HERE.

Each of the three new prints will measure 16×20, and are printed in super-small first editions of only 50 worldwide!  Each feature metallic silver ink!  There will also be SUPER limited variant prints of each image, with an edition of only 15, that have silver AND gold metallic ink! (The Gold will replace the background color)

If the prints sell out through SpokeArt, there will be no copies left for Nakatomi to sell, so MAKE SURE you get ‘em from the gallery!

The original pen and ink drawings will also be available- make sure you email the gallery and ask for the collector’s preview, if you want to get your hands on those!

Can’t wait to see what else is available at this show! It’s one of our long-time favorites, and we’re so glad to see it back!


For the first time on Nakatomi , we have 2 BIG 24×36 prints in artist Tim Doyle’s ongoing ‘The Sea Also Rises’ series of prints, available HERE NOW.

Pictured above is ‘The Sea Also Rises: The Exodus of Turtleton’ which is signed and numbered in an edition of  200 worldwide.

ALSO-  the newest in the series is called ‘The Sea Also Rises: The Fleet Deploys’, which also measures 24×36 and is signed and numbered in a first edition of 150. Features eye-popping florescent ink throughout the print!

We asked Doyle to share his thoughts on these prints-

The Sea Also Rises series is by far the favorite thing I get to work on. It’s been rolling off and on for 5 years now, almost as long as I’ve had Nakatomi. The whole series comes from a place of deep concern for how humans interact with their environment, and the long-range consequences of our actions today. And for whatever reason, the way my brain works means that concern comes out as Sea Monsters will rising up to take us out, to prevent further damage. These two prints were originally commissioned by PangeaSeed for their ‘Sea of Change’ series, which helps to raise awareness about several issues pertaining to the oceans, most notably the practice of shark finning.

Exodus of Turtleton depicts a city- turtle, leaving it’s post off the coast of Japan, carrying an Earth-Spirit serenely away to safety. It’s definitely one of the more up-lifting images in the series, as nothing is blowing up or being attacked!  I thought a lot about my children while creating this one, and how I could use a large turtle to carry them to safety one day.  Or just carry them for a few hours, so I can catch a nap.

The Fleet Deploys shows a water-witch witnessing the Hammerhead God and his children moving from the depths to unknown points on the globe. I’m not sure where they’re going, but it can’t be good news. I was a little concerned about putting the sunken ship in there, as it’s the only man-made thing in an otherwise pristine scene, but having a recognizable object gave the rest of the scene some scale. Instead of it looking like a normal sized shark and a bunch of small ones, you REALLY can feel the size of the beast.”

These big, beautiful, vibrant prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

Pick them up HERE NOW.

2 new posters for SKRILLEX by me (Tim Doyle).

On sale on Nakatomi on Tuesday 6/10 at 2pm Central.

You can read more HERE


Continuing Doyle’s new Watercolor portrait series- SHINY OBJECTS- Nakatomi is releasing this 2 print portrait set of the SHINIEST musicians of all time-HERE this WEDNESDAY 5/28 at 2pm Central.

From Doyle-

“For years- high school through College, I worked almost exclusively with watercolor paint. Inspired by seeing JUST WHAT YOU CAN DO with watercolor and gouache paint in the pages of Alex Ross’ MARVELS and KINGDOM COME really changed my opinion about the medium, and lit a fire under my ass to get working. As the years went by, I moved on to Acrylic on canvas and then screenprinting as my medium of choice. Well- late last year, I cracked open my old kit, and did some paintings for fun (which you can see HERE)  and we released a few of them through SpokeArt as high-quality giclee prints. And the response was very large.  Fast forward a few months, and we here at Nakatomi get a new film printer for our shop, and not only can it crank out large, high-quality films for screenprinting, but it’s also a high-end giclee printer as well! SO- time permitting, I’ll be releasing portraits like this when the mood strikes.

One of my favorite things to paint is metallic and reflective surfaces, and I’ve found watercolor to be uniquely suited for that task. The little surprising hints of color that creep into what could otherwise be a dull, grey steel- can really be fun to portray. So here we are- my totally fun, barely though-out new print series- SHINY OBJECTS. 

I could go on and on about the music of Daft Punk, and how it slowly crept up on me over the last few years to finally take over my play-list, but hey- people much better at music criticism than I have already said it all. And the band is really, really shiny.”

“SHINY PUNK” will be sold as a 2-print set, each measuring 12×16 (to match the 4 previous releases in the series).  Nakatomi will only have 50 sets for sale. 10 random orders will receive 1/10 uncut sheets instead of the cut set! This 12×16 print set will never again be available for sale on Nakatomi.

These fine-art giclee print sets will be printed on cold-press natural watercolor paper, with genuine Epson Ultrachrome archival ink, directly in the Nakatomi studio. Prints should ship within 1 week of on-sale date.

Be HERE on site at 2pm Central time for the drop! We will also announce the release on our TWITTER FEED.

Check out these painting process pics above!

“Gojira Vs. The Smoke Monster” PROCESS!

This print is ON SALE NOW HERE!

 While you’re here…we wanted to show off some of the behind-the-scenes process pictures for this great new print!

“Gojira Vs. The Smoke Monster” is an 18×24 4 color hand-printed silkscreen poster- signed and numbered by the artist in a first edition of only 150 worldwide.

1-Like almost all of Doyle’s prints, it starts with a hand-drawn line-art image, done in pencil, brush and ink, and felt-tip pen.  This print was drawn on a sheet of 12×16 Strathmore brand Bristol board- it’s a really great surface to work on, and it can stand up to a lot of abuse from wet media, as you’re about to see.  Once the line-art is completed, it is scanned in at 600 dpi, and then…

2-Doyle hand-tones the original art board with watercolor and gouache paint, applied with a Windsor Newton Series 7 Sable brush, size 4.  Blocking in the grey tones and values this way  gives the final product a more organic appearance than you would normally get from the flat-color aesthetic of screenprinting.  That hand-painted image is now scanned in and lined up with the original line-art, and then bitmapped into tiny little dots, which then makes it suitable for screenprinting.  Then, Doyle digitally lays in the colors in Photoshop and sends the layers off for burning onto screens!

3-Here you see the first 3 layers of the print down on the actual paper.  The ink is still wet!  First color down was the warm grey, then the red, and then transparent black ink!  As you can see in the face and hands, the watercolor detailing on the skin is pushed back to the transparent black layer to soften it up a bit, and make it look a little bit softer.  The rest of the detail is on the black ink layer, as you can see below!

Here’s the finished print, before it gets trimmed down to 18×24. (We print on 20×26 sheets to give us a handling edge and room for registration marks.)  You can see at the top of the sheet the color notes and print instructions to the printers!

ON SALE NOW! Pick one up today HERE.

-Thanks for reading!


The debut pieces in artist Tim Doyle’s “Shiny Objects” series, as part of SpokeArt’s “May the Fourth Be With You” event is NOW ON SALE HERE.

These very special 12x16 fine-art giclee reproductions of original watercolor paintings are only available until MONDAY NIGHT. These will be printed to order, and signed and numbered by the artist! These 12x16 editions will never be available on-site again!

$25 each, or a matched number set of 3 for $65. (the set option is on each item page).

Pick ‘em up here- RIGHT HERE.

"Rebel Rebel"

"No Disintegrations"

"Bad Dad"

May the 4th Be with you! This SUNDAY SpokeArt will be releasing 3 fine-art  reproductions of 3 watercolor paintings by me- from my series of Watercolor portraits, “Shiny Objects”. The prints will be sold individually and as a matched number set. They will be 12x16, and will be signed and numbered, available for only a limited time. 2 more to be revealed! For more info, you can Subscribe to the Nakatomi Mailing list HERE, or keep your eye on SpokeArt’s site HERE for when they are released! We’ll also announce on TWITTER and stuff. Don’t miss ‘em!

May the 4th Be with you! This SUNDAY SpokeArt will be releasing 3 fine-art  reproductions of 3 watercolor paintings by me- from my series of Watercolor portraits, “Shiny Objects”. The prints will be sold individually and as a matched number set. They will be 12x16, and will be signed and numbered, available for only a limited time. 2 more to be revealed! For more info, you can Subscribe to the Nakatomi Mailing list HERE, or keep your eye on SpokeArt’s site HERE for when they are released! We’ll also announce on TWITTER and stuff. Don’t miss ‘em!

The entirety of my Doctor Who portrait print set! The final four (pictured at the top- Ood, Silence, Doctor 8, Doctor 6), will be given away randomly with our newest MYSTERY TUBE SALE which you can read about HERE!  The tube sale happens on TUESDAY 4/22!

Once this series wraps up, we’ll move onto something new and…SHINY.